The New Year: A Time to Look Back and Look Ahead

Last year, I addressed New Year’s Resolutions.  This year, we are going to take a look back at our accomplishments before we address the New Year.

Quite often, we forget to celebrate our accomplishments.  We just move on to the next goal without ever contemplating our success and what it took for us to get there.  Take some time right now.  What were your goals for last year?  Did you write them down?  Take a look at your list.  How many goals or tasks are on that list?  Did you check them off as you achieved them?  If not, do it now. 

If you did not have a goal list, take a few minutes to write down your “Top 10 Accomplishments” of the past year.  Take a minute, close your eyes.  Contemplate what you have done.  Feel the sense of accomplishment.  Be amazed with yourself!  Did you realize how much you achieved?  Are you surprised?  Bask in it!  You are amazing! 

There is no point in beating yourself up over what you did not accomplish.  It is better to focus on your successes!  This will give you impetus and motivation to continue on your upward trajectory.  Success leads to more success.

 Now think about what you hope to achieve this year.  If you have found the goal list useful, by all means, do it again.  Just be sure to set your goals keeping in mind what is achievable and reasonable. 

If you want to try something different, consider choosing a theme for the year.  My friend, Peigi, told me of this idea that she heard about and tried.  This is the idea.  Instead of creating goals for the year, you choose a theme that will help you to create the year that you want.  Everything you do is tied to this theme – it’s a way to simplify your goal-setting! 

For example, I have chosen the theme of “completion” and will set up my goals around this theme.  I will complete the writing of my book.  I will complete my weight loss goal.  I will complete a variety of projects that have been on the back burner.  When I begin a task, I will see it through to completion.  With everything I begin, I will have a plan for completion.  Does this make sense? 

Choose a theme that emphasizes what you want this year.  Maybe you will choose a theme of health or fitness, time management, fun, learning, experiencing the moment, creativity, relationships or love.  The ideas are endless!  Choose a theme and let it become your mantra for the year, one day, one hour, one minute at a time.  See how your life transforms!  Make 2016 the year you “Dream, Plan, Achieve” your way to success!

This article was posted in the Coach's Corner of the ASTD Newsletter for January 2016.  You can reach Kolleen through this website, Linked In, Facebook or by calling her at (402) 499-5547.  She offers workshops, small groups and individual life coaching on a variety of topics to help you create the life you dream of but haven't been able to achieve.