Summer Self-Care

Now that the school year is coming to an end, we can all take a deep breath, especially those of us who are parents.  Use the summer schedule to relax and enjoy some down time.  It is too easy to fill up the summer schedule with activities.  STOP!  Don’t get caught in the trap of “busy-ness”!!  Kids and parents both need down time!!

Some of us are so programmed to be busy, that we have forgotten what down time is.  It is unscheduled time, time to exist without “doing” anything!  It may also be called “free time” which implies we are free to relax!  Do you remember the freedom of childhood?  Childhood for many of us allowed us to be free from activities so we could dream, explore, play, read, be artistic, enjoy the outdoors, exercise for fun (such as riding bikes or swimming without it being an organized practice involving coaching), read for fun, hang out with friends, play games, etc.  Does any of this sound familiar?

Unfortunately, today’s children don’t get much down time and therefore, neither do the parents.  How about giving the gift of free time back to ourselves and our kids?  Enjoy!