With Kolleen's background as a teacher, you can count on activities and interactions to keep the participants engaged and learning!  Each participant will receive handouts they will complete and can take with them to reinforce and remind them of what they learned.

If there is a topic you don't see listed, just ask Kolleen if she has anything available on the topic you have in mind.  If she doesn't, she will pull together materials in time for the date(s) you need her. 

How to Create Your Balanced Life for Counselors (6 CEs)

DATE:  Thursday, November 21, 2019 9:00-4:00 p.m. with 1 hour lunch break

LOCATION:  Conference Room at Wilshire Business Suites, 4830 Wilshire Blvd., Lincoln, NE


Do you sometimes feel drained from helping others? Do you ever feel like you are great at helping others but are not so good at following through on your recommendations to your clients? Creating balance for yourself may not be as easy as helping someone else to find it. It is easier to remain objective when you are the "helper" vs. the "helpee". As counselors, we are great at helping others to see their blind spots, but we don't always recognize when we may need a tune-up.

Kolleen published her book, How to Create Your Balanced Life in September 2017 and will use it as a spring board to focus on counselors (helping professionals) and their unique circumstances in finding balance. Take time out from giving to others and join us for this fun and relaxing workshop, earning 6 CEs while you do it!

Seating is limited so register now before it fills up! Materials will be supplied. Feel free to bring food as it is during the supper hour.

The cost is $150 per person. This workshop meets the requirements for 6 CEs for licensed mental health practitioners. Register above or call Kolleen at 402-499-5547 for more information!

Practical Information to Create a Successful Private Practice (Workshop for 3 CEs)

 DATE:  To Be Announced

LOCATION:  Conference Room at Wilshire Business Suites, 4830 Wilshire Blvd, Lincoln, NE


Have you ever wanted to get out of agency counseling and go out on your own, into private practice?  Have you left the comfort of an agency to go out on your own just to find yourself back in an agency?  How do you make the break successfully?

In this workshop, you will gain useful tools and practical ideas on the basics of being successful in your own private practice.  Kolleen has been where you are and found her way into private practice with no regrets and no looking back.  She is ready and willing to answer your questions and to tell you how she did it, what she learned and what you need to do to get out of your rut and to take the risk of getting out on your own!

Make connections with others, learn from their experiences and successes, and find support and encouragement from like-minded professionals.  Seating is limited.  Materials will be supplied.  Feel free to bring in food as it is during the supper hour. 

The cost is $75 per person and needs to be paid in advance. This workshop is offered for 3 CEs for LMHPs, LIMHPs.

Register above. Or, for more information, call 402-499-5547. 

Ethical Issues in Therapy (Revised) Workshop

DATES:  Friday, November 15, 2019 9:30-12:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Conference Room at Wilshire Business Suites, 4830 Wilshire Blvd, Lincoln, NE.

This program is for mental health practitioners and meets the criteria of 3 CEs in Ethics for mental health practice.


It is our professional responsibility to deal with ethical issues on a daily basis in the mental health field which is the reason the licensure board requires 2 CEs every 2 years.  This workshop will help you meet your requirements and have some fun while addressing these issues.  The training will offer participants an opportunity to discuss specific ethical dilemmas, ethical decision making, understanding clinician and client boundaries, legal and liability issues, risk reduction and limitations of treatment.   We will review the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association.

This workshop includes a 1 ½-2 hour interactive lecture and a 1-1 ½ hour opportunity for ethical decision making.

Seating is limited to 12 per session to allow for more discussion in a personal setting.  By keeping the training small there will be ample time to review ethical principles, assist with ethical decision making and encourage self-awareness.  

This is what other attendees had to say:

“Best and most helpful ethics training I've been to!  Thanks!”

“I would recommend the Ethics Training to other people in my field.  It was enjoyable!”

“The ethics training was unique and informal and I would recommend it!”

“I enjoyed this and the cost.”

“Nice building/setting.  Please provide future small trainings.”

“Great experience and very informative.”

The cost is $80 per person.  Call if you want to pay by check or cash instead of paying online.

This program is being facilitated by Kolleen Meyer-Krikac, MSEd, LMHP, LPC, NCC