We help you to take back control of your life, achieve goals, create balance, find fulfillment and meaning.

Balanced Life offers personal one on one care and attention for each and every client. When we are stressed, anxious or depressed, it is a sign that our lives are out of balance. As a certified life coach and licensed professional counselor, Kolleen Meyer-Krikac can help you to identify areas that are out of balance and create a plan to address those areas and get back to a place of balance. If you're motivated to make changes to improve your life, find purpose, meaning, and fulfillment, then we'll make a great team. 

As a counselor and life coach, Kolleen is uniquely qualified to assist clients to move forward. Her motto is "Dream, Plan, Achieve." Stop making excuses and begin moving toward the dreams you have put on the back burner.



Whether you’re seeking personalized attention, or support from peers in a group setting, our life coaching options will help you chart your journey toward goal achievement.



We offer a variety of topics, including life balance, ethics, leadership development, and more. You can count on activities and interactions to keep you engaged and learning!  



Time is too valuable of a resource to waste. Learn to accept responsibility for changing and improving your life as quickly as possible, while addressing ongoing problems and challenges.