One-on-One Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a useful tool to help you and/or your business to reach goals quickly and effectively!  Balanced Life offers Education, Experience and Enthusiasm that will Energize and Empower you to make the changes you need to be successful personally and professionally!

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Small Group Life Coaching

Balanced Life is available to tailor small group coaching to your business or personal life.  If you have a small group of employees that would like to focus on a particular area, such as Time Management, we would set up a group to meet regularly for a period of time to coach them in that area.

Small groups are also a great idea for friends or family members who are working on similar personal or professional goals such as Improving Organization, Decluttering or Weight Loss. 

After a year of being a working mom, I got into a rut of doing everything for everyone else. I was physically and emotionally run down, and I forgot those little things that make me happy. Kolleen helped me realize that I couldn’t keep “pouring out” without taking time for myself to “fill up” my bucket again. With my newfound energy, I was able to move on to personal and business goals that were important to me. I’ve got balance and harmony in my life and that’s priceless.”
— Mindy L.
Kolleen has helped me to regain confidence in myself and helped me to find and define my path for the future, not only in my personal relationships, but also my health and career. Kolleen has helped me to overcome many hurdles, and has guided me in realizing my value, showing me ways to find a balance in the many areas of my life that seemed out of control. With each session, I feel like I have taken a huge step forward toward the life that I desire. I would not be where I am today without the help of Kolleen.
— Lisa G.