Stress Free Holiday Tips

This is the time of year that many people feel their anxiety levels rise due to all of the expectations that the holiday season brings.  Here are some tips to help you get through the holiday season.

Simple Solutions for a (Nearly) Stress-free Holiday Season
1. Set aside unrealistic expectations. Stop seeking perfection, set realistic expectations.

2. Invest Time vs. Money with Your Loved Ones! Spend within your Means!

3. Let Go of Guilt About Pleasing Others

  • Stay calm
  •  Set limits/boundaries (say “no”)
  •  Please yourself 1st!
  •  Limit time in stressful situations
  • Breathe

4. Take good care of yourself!!

  • Do something Every Day that is Just for your Enjoyment
  • Eat Healthy
  • Exercise
  • Talk with Friends
  • Get Enough Sleep

5. Make a Plan

  • Stop multi-tasking and ask for help
  • Simplify your schedule
  •  Decide what you can eliminate from your “To Do” list
  • Focus on what is most important
  • Slow down & choose 3 things you want to accomplish each day

6. Laugh a Lot!

7. Remember the Reasons for the Holidays (Why are you Thankful?  The Meaning of Christmas, New Year=New Start)

8. Live in the Moment!!